​Rediscovering The Root of Wellbeing

​Rediscovering The Root of Wellbeing

Posted by Natura Health Products on Sep 30th 2021

This year, in honor of our 20 tth anniversary, we begin an exciting new era at Natura Health Products with the renewal of our brand - a new logo, color scheme, and website that realigns us with our original vision and embodies our refined brand promise and values to you. With unwavering commitment to the vision that entrusted you to us, the core of who we are has not changed. We operate from a simple premise - go back to Natura to heal the natural biology.

We believe in the power of plants to equip humans with their innate ability to withstand disease, overcome adversity, and generate healing energy; that healing is a lifelong journey of wellbeing; and that compassion combined with wisdom and knowledge provide a wellspring for human vitality. 

But a brand is more than just how it looks. It’s how it makes you feel. It’s what you associate with it. It’s how you associate with it. And the Natura brand is one not simple to capture because it is so complex. It’s the integration of old and new, ancient wisdom and modern medical practice, natural healing and human intervention/participation. It balances science with intuition, clinical proof with a reverence for nature and spirit. It is forward-thinking with a profound respect for centuries-old disciplines. And it remains uncompromising in its dedication to going back to nature to provide greater health, vitality, and longevity to all those facing and working with the greatest health challenges of our times.

With such big ideals, it seemed impossible to find a logo that could hold all of them in a way that would truly honor them, but then we found an artist who understood the complexities of Natura, the interconnectedness of spirit, mind, and body.

Welcome to the new Natura, the root of wellbeing.

The visual elements that comprise the new logo are three-fold:

1. The Plant Fractal – The miraculous power of plants is connoted through color and light and luminescence in nature, and the logo in its many colors represents that here. Nature holds the key, providing the plants, nutrients, and wisdom to harmonize, balance, and optimize our health.

2. The Flower of Life – The overlay of this symbol represents connection, unity. It reminds us that all living things come from the same blueprint. It represents the innate healing wisdom of plants, of practitioners, of our bodies and how they work together synergistically. It symbolizes the spiritual essence of Natura and the intuitive healing that went into making our formulas and in using them for clinical application in patients

3. The Abstract Cellular Center – This piece of our logo symbolizes the scientific and medical research that goes into each of the ingredients that make up these formulas. Its representative of the quality of our formulas affecting change in the body on the cellular, molecular, and organ system level. It’s the piece that establishes authority, that represents the clinical application of these formulas. It’s a reminder to trust that these formulas will serve your patients well, just as they’ve served countless patients before them.

Thank you to our customers, partners and employees for being such a big part of our first 20 years. We can’t wait to show you what we have in store for the next 20.