Q. How do you ensure the quality, potency and purity of your products? arro.png

Q. Are any of your products made in China? arro.png

Q. Do any of your ingredients originate from China? arro.png

Q. What is the shelf life of your products? arro.png

Q. Do any of your formulas require refrigeration? arro.png

Q. Are any of your ingredients organic? arro.png

Q. I notice some formulas are offered in two different forms, for example, tincture and capsules. How do the dosages compare? arro.png

Q. Do any of your formulas contain allergens such as soy or wheat gluten? arro.png

Q. Are Natura's products gluten-free? arro.png

Q. Do any of your products contain soy? arro.png

Q. Do any of your products contain dairy?arro.png

Q. Are Natura products GMO-free? arro.png

Q. Are there any contraindications for taking your formulas along with prescription medications? arro.png

Q. Are your formulas safe for pregnant or nursing mothers? arro.png

Q. Do any of your products contain ingredients banned for athletes? arro.png

Q. What makes your Naturized® food grown nutrients better than other supplements? arro.png

Q. Can you safely combine Natura products? arro.png

Q. I see several of your formulas contain licorice, and I’m concerned about it elevating my blood pressure. arro.png

Q. Do you have a specific protocol for ________? arro.png

Q. Is there gluten in your grain alcohol? arro.png

Q. What is Prop 65? arro.png