Consider us a partner.

From improving patient compliance and outcomes to helping grow and streamline your practice, Natura Health Products is dedicated to developing lifelong relationships with our practitioner partners. We're here to help you and your patients flourish.


Get referrals from our health seeking community. Create a trusted practitioner profile on our Practitioner Locator to attract patients in your area. 


Reduce overhead costs and time spent managing inventory. Dropship formulas directly to patients.


Enable patients to order themselves while tracking patient compliance and your company earnings through our affiliate Patient Direct Program.


Running a business is complex. 
Understanding the nuances of formulas and how they work synergistically can be too. We're here to help you simplify.


You love to learn, and we love to educate.

Product Training

Schedule a complimentary consultation or product line orientation to answer your product questions regarding formula rationale, basic applications, suggested use, and dosing recommendations.


Clinical Applications and Protocol Development

Consult with our medical educator to discuss advanced applications of Natura's research-based formulas for use in a clinical setting, as well as the fundamentals of protocol-building, and companion formulas for comprehensive support. Join our monthly live and on-demand webinar series for in-depth seminars on clinical applications.


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Feed Your Love of Learning

Natura grew out of practitioner education and collaboration around our founders' dinner table. 

Dale Bellisfield


Partnering with Natura allows more in-depth access to the research behind the products. It opens up the behind-the-scenes world of educational seminars, courses and blogs, along with a connection to a wonderful community of herbalists and other holistic practitioners to help answer questions and share guidance. These benefits are available only to professional members


Access Product Information Sheets and Dosing Guidelines for a deeper understanding of Natura's research-backed formulas. 

Natura EDU

View webinars, white papers, research reviews, and the HerbMed Pro database for the latest research on utilizing botanicals and nutrients for your patients. 

Improve Processes

Improve Patient Compliance and Outcomes

Dropship directly to your patients 

Ensure your patients get the therapeutic formulas they need and are compliant with recommended protocols by shipping formulas directly to their doorsteps. Simply place the order online or by phone, provide payment, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Patient Direct Program (PDP)

Whether your patients are on a long-term protocol or have more immediate needs, the Patient Direct Program offers a fast and convenient way for your patients to optimize their health by purchasing research-backed botanical and nutritional supplements directly from Natura. 


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Educate your patients with sharable resources 

Encourage and empower your patients to be in charge of their health and wellness journey by sharing resources to help them understand the value and purpose of the research-backed formulas you recommend. 


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