Natura Operates
With a Soul Purpose

To deliver the most efficacious formulations for the best possible health outcomes.


We have been serving practitioners and their patients for 20 years

At Natura Health Products, we know firsthand the pressures healthcare practitioners face. Our founder is foremost, a clinician who practices with personalized and tireless dedication, while unifying care teams and educating practitioners in an innovative, new medical paradigm that is changing the face of patient care.


Founded by Donnie Yance, MH, CN, & his Medical Scientific Advisory Board in 2001

After many years of practicing at his clinic, the Mederi Center, Donnie recognized a need to offer precise formulas that would meet the therapeutic requirements of his clients. Natura Health Products grew out of this vision. Through Natura, Donnie is able to extend his personal apothecary to people around the world, offering an expertly crafted botanical and nutritional toolkit that encourages optimal health, vitality, and resilience and address a variety of health concerns, conditions, and categories.


Fueled by Traditional Knowledge and Modern Research

Natura’s product line of distinctive, evidence-based botanical and Naturized™ nutritional formulations are designed to achieve optimal health through a complex synergy of nourishing bioactive compounds that work in harmony with the body to not only deliver targeted therapeutic value but also broad-spectrum health benefits.


We protect our planet 
and Your Patients

Our botanicals are ethically sourced, either through regional wild-crafting techniques or sustainable farming practices. The ingredients are tested to ensure that our products are free of contaminants and that active ingredients are present at optimum levels. 

No one speaks “plant medicine” quite like Donnie Yance.

Blending research, reverence and years of clinical experience, Natura Health Products honors botanical medicine’s pleotropic wisdom in formulas that heal and balance. Ask my patients, these formulas work!

Debra Sue Kelvin, LAc

We’re here to improve lives, not stock prices 

In an industry that is consolidating under conglomerates and large corporations, Natura has remained independent for two decades, beholden not to a board or shareholders but solely to its mission to empower practitioners to improve the lives of their patients. The proof is in the superior ingredients comprising Natura’s formulas, free of inferior raw ingredient alternatives and fillers that have become ubiquitous in the supplement industry to help improve the bottom line.

We measure our success in health 

We see every customer as a partner and are here to work hand-in-hand with you. We want you to always feel connected to the reason you chose to practice in the first place. We see the difference practitioners like you are making in people’s lives and for us, that’s the whole point. And when we hear someone say, that they have added more life to their years, well, that’s how we measure our success.