Personal Practitioner Support & Training

As a company founded by a clinician with more than four decades of experience, we understand that your success depends on the clinical effectiveness of the products you recommend to your patients. We have an experienced team ready and willing to help you effectively incorporate Natura products into your practice to ensure your patients' success.


Natura Founder and Formulator Donnie Yance, MH, CN, is a widely respected teacher and mentor in the field of natural medicine and integrative care. Training with Donnie for over two decades, Medical Educator, Jason Miller, DACM, LAc, and Natura's Director of Product Management, Shawn Freedman, are available to support practitioners through product trainings and practice implementations, as well as more in-depth consultations.

To take advantage of our complimentary practitioner support and training opportunities, call 541.488.0210 or email


Shawn Freedman

As Natura’s Director of Product Management, Shawn has supported our practitioner customers for over a decade by helping them successfully integrate our formulas into their practice. His in-depth knowledge of formula rationale, as well as suggested use and dosing offers practitioners practical information that is easy to apply in the clinical setting. At Natura, we recognize how important the quality of ingredients is to our discerning practitioner community. Shawn provides answers to inquiries regarding the potency and purity of raw materials to help our customers learn more about the quality and efficacy of our carefully selected ingredients.


If you have product questions regarding formula rationale, basic applications, suggested use and dosing, or the quality, potency and sourcing of raw materials


Jason Miller, DACM, LAc

As Natura’s Medical Educator, Jason Miller brings extensive education, training and clinical experience to his consultations with our practitioner customers. Drawing on over 15 years of clinical practice focusing on the management of chronic health challenges. Jason has developed an integrative approach that bridges the time-honored theory and practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine with modern biomedical therapies and diagnostic tools. As an integrative practitioner, he is able to offer our professional customers a holistic perspective on the conditions their patients face.



On advanced application of Natura products for use in a clinical setting or fundamentals of protocol building and companion formulas for comprehensive support.