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Natura Health Products
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Skin Protectâ„¢

Repairs, Protects & Rejuvenates Skin

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1oz +$26.50

Skin Protectâ„¢

  • promotes healthy, moist and vibrant skin
  • improves tissue firmness and elasticity
  • provides antioxidant activity
  • encourages proper skin cell behavior

Skin Protect nourishes the skin, enhances its natural healing responses and defenses, and promotes healthy skin aging. Featuring cosmetic grade phyto-nutrients, liposomal nutritional compounds, unique fatty acids and essential oils, Skin Protect provides highly advanced antioxidant activity that encourages healthy cell behavior and promotes healing. The unsaturated fatty acids in Skin Protect maintain and restore softness, health and vitality to the skin by reinforcing the skin's barrier function, preventing moisture loss through the epidermis and providing structural integrity to the skin. All natural, cruelty free.

Gently massage a small amount into face, neck, or problem areas until fully absorbed.

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A percentage of all Natura sales supports the programs &
services of The Mederi Foundation

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